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When is A Hard Money Loan A Good Idea?


Hard money Loans for Complex Loan Scenarios What do you do when your borrower is declined for a commercial mortgage loan at a bank? As a real estate broker, you are bound to face this scenario from time to time. Knowing your options will allow you to pivot to plan B and save the deal.   [...]

When is A Hard Money Loan A Good Idea?2020-03-11T07:07:35-07:00

5 Things To Know About Hard Money Loans


Contrary to what some believe, “hard money” does not mean hard-to-get. Hard money lenders like TGP Funding have an underwriting process, lending parameters, and standard business operations just like traditional lenders. I have found I enjoy the flexibility and speed that hard money lenders deliver for their clients. Here are some things to know [...]

5 Things To Know About Hard Money Loans2020-03-10T18:57:45-07:00

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